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Half-timbered: many arts

Half-timbered: cultural, fewer branches, many arts house


Fachwerk comes from the term "fach" with the following meanings:

[1] Construction: the space in a half-timbered wall (also compartment) formed by the scaffolding or the supporting beams and filled with clay or bricks

[2] An element of order in a cupboard, shelf or box for storage and for finding objects more quickly

[3] Economics, science: short for a subject

[4] Education: short for a subject

[5] Musical theatre, theatre: the suitability of a singer or actor for a specific musical style

[6] Weaving: a space created in weaving when some warp threads are raised and others are lowered


Middle High German vach, Old High German fah, West Germanic *faka- "subject, part, department", documented since the 8th century. According to the Duden dictionary of origins (1963 edition), the word used to mean a braided fish weir in rivers. It is based on the Indo-European root *pā̌k- or *pā̌g- 'fasten, bind, braid'.


The half-timbered structure in Allschwil is located between the city's cultural offerings and local recreation area in north-western Switzerland and neighboring Alsace and southern Baden.


Housed in a farm built in the Sundgau timber frame style, which was last used as a local history museum, the half-timbered building fulfills an identity that connects generations and origins between a Sundgau farming village, an urban suburban community and an internationally recognized hotspot for innovative research and development in the life sciences industry.


In order to do justice to this cultural identity, the following arts and sponsorships are united in the framework (annual program):


Children's cinema, film workshops every Wednesday between 1:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. (except holidays)

Junges Theater Allschwil, rehearsals every Wednesday between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m

Landkino, Film-Trouvaillen and Le Bon Film, every two weeks on Thursdays from 7:30 p.m

InCine, film agency in the canton of Basel-Landschaft for school classes, every morning, Kulturtips Region Nordwestschweiz every two weeks on Thursdays from 7:30 p.m

Premio, guest performances by young theater and dance companies every weekend

Piano di Primo, jazz, contemporary and classical piano concerts, six Saturdays from 8 p.m

Art and culture association Allschwil with an exhibition in the courtyard

Semi Circle, English speaking theater group with regular rehearsals and performances


There are also annual festivals, such as the Gässli Film Festival's Regio Special or the Aube Film Festival for Arabic film, as well as the Scelsi Festival, a music festival dedicated to the composer Giacinto Scelsi.


The Fachwerk is open to guest performances and collaborations.

The decisive factor here is the promotion of a balanced exchange of cultural goods and services as well as the mobility of artists and cultural workers. These goals are closely linked to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including Sustainable Development Goals 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, 10: Reduced Inequalities and 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

In particular, economically strong industrialized countries such as Switzerland have a responsibility to use targeted political measures to remove existing trade barriers, to promote the mobility of artists and cultural exchange and to create opportunities for access to international markets.


Due to the special location (border triangle) and shell (wooden frame-clay building), the half-timbered structure is predestined for cycles, further use and recycling as well as fair exchange.

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