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The country cinema is back:

Thanks to the great commitment of the culture departments of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft and with the financial support of the Swisslos Fonds Basel-Landschaft, the municipalities of Allschwil and Liestal as well as support from private sources, the country cinema can continue in a new form after a year's break .


Since 2004, the Le Bon Film association has run the Landkino in the Sputnik cinema in Liestal on behalf of Against the background of the austerity measures of the Basel government, the relevant performance agreement was initially reduced in 2016 and expired completely at the end of the year. The country cinema had to pause. During this time, however, a sustainable solution could be worked out in close contact with

From this season onwards, the Stadtkino Basel, in cooperation with the newly founded association Kino fürs Land, will be presenting around 50 performances per year at three locations. The original venue, the Sputnik cinema in Liestal, will in future be used for three performances a month. In addition, there are the Marabu in Gelterkinden and the Fachwerk in Allschwil, each with a monthly performance.


With series specially curated for the Landkino or individual highlights from its own monthly programme, the Stadtkino Basel is once again bringing film culture into the countryside.

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